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Book by James Goldman. Directed by Arthur Allan Seidelman. Set by Ray Klausen. Lighting by Tom Ruzika. Costumes by Randy Gardell.

Mariah Carey reveals ‘heavy burden' of bipolar disorder

Sound by Philip G. Musical direction by Gerald Sternbach. Choreography by Kay Cole. Stage manager Vernon Willet.

About Us. Good question! Because it is the most common way that bipolar patients present for outpatient treatment. Free Download --?

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About million American adults experience the particularly burdensome affliction known as bipolar disorder. Oh, and this just in: " Pettiness, spite, malice Such ugly emotions So sad. I'm so honored! Reg, but why limit it to bipolar disorder? Re: Bipolar I, a manic episode has to last for one week unless the person in question is hospitalized.

But Mood Disorder NOS or Cyclothymia are possible diagnoses if a person exhibits mood disturbance and does not meet the duration criteria.

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Can you tell I'm currently studying for my psychopathology qualifying exam? As a clinician, I think its quite impossible to diagnose rather than describe a stage character as bi-polar unless the character self-identifies as such. I actually don't think Diana was bi-polar. She was given that diagnosis at the beginning of the show, but it is clear by the end, she was a woman crippled by grief who then had her brain chemistry and body tampered with with medications and shock treatments.

I think the show is pretty damning of labels and most clinicians hate diagnosis and labels and only dole them out so insurances will pay for treatment.

Most therapists just look at the person and help them cope with their collection of symptoms. Sally doesn't strike me as bi-polar either.

Depressed, yes. Candela would most likely be histrionic, not bi-polar. Thank you for the detailed analysis BettyBoy Helps me understand a few of the characters :. I agree that Diana doesn't necessarily have bipolar disorder, but I think that she warrants some type of mood disorder diagnosis.

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Her reaction to her son's death was far beyond bereavement or an adjustment disorder. However, we don't know enough about her history of depressive or manic episodes to determine which one would be the most appropriate. Having only seen the show once, how soon after Gabe's death did she have Natalie? Do we ever see or hear of her being manic?

What famous characters could be described as bipolar? (Message Board)

Certainly not as played by Bernadette Peters. It strikes me as weird to discuss a fictional character's psyche as if they had one outside of what the author provides. But since we are, the ultimate bi-polar character is Tevye.