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The Erosion of Normative Limits in Modern Constitutionalism

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Cyber Operations Against Iran: After our earlier discussions of a Persian Gulf of Tonkin scenario nearly became reality, we ended up seeing, instead, a possible series of cyber operations against various Iranian targets. We talk about whether this raises the same or similar separation of powers concerns, and more generally place this development in context with our earlier war powers debates. We review the sequence of events likely to unfold with Acting Secretary Esper and others.

Adrienne Yong.

Modern Studies in European Law. Matthew Happold, Paul Eden. Studies in International Law.

Legislative Delegation

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The Politics of Stereotype: Psychology and Affirmative - Lib

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Clemens Kaupa. Gordian Hasselblatt. Christopher Townley.

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Nicola Lupo, Cristina Fasone. Parliamentary Democracy in Europe. Sanja Bogojevic, Rosemary Rayfuse.

Non-delegation doctrine I

Swedish Studies in European Law. Guido Comparato. Hart Studies in Commercial and Financial Law.

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